As mirrors of society, newspapers are necessary for a modern society to survive in its existential realm. Furthermore, because the newspapers bring us news based on what society has to offer, newspapers are also essential in preserving our connection with ground reality when things seem rosy in retrospect.

Top Newspapers In The World

Wall Street is obviously one that is primarily concerned with the financial system. But despite its intense focus on business, The Wall Street Journal also covers news impacting other aspects of social life, existence, and society, making it one of the largest newspapers in its own country by circulation.

The Wall Street Journal (USA)


A recipient of the 2006 World’s Best-designed Newspaper Award from the Society for News Design, The Guardian is renowned for its brand of investigative journalism that has led to the breaking of some of history’s most shocking stories.

The Guardian (UK)


An most influential English-language newspapers in China, China Daily has been published since 1981 and boasts the largest print circulation. International readers including diplomats and tourists through translations of major Chinese newspaper articles.

China Daily (China)


Most popular websites in its country of origin, its website has also gained popularity. Moreover, Part of the paper has been digitized by the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Project of the National Library of Australia, indicating that it is among the top ten English newspapers during that period.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)


Dawn, Pakistan’s oldest, largest, and most widely read newspaper, originated in 1941 as the mouthpiece of the Muslim League. The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post frequently syndicate articles from other top 10 international newspapers, providing Dawn with the most up-to-date news from around the globe.

Dawn (Pakistan)