The interior courtyard has long been a vernacular architectural feature of the house.

7 Inside Patio Design Ideas That Can Bring You Closer To Nature


The indoor, open-to-sky courtyard is the focal point of this Vriksh-designed Manipal residence.

Courtyard Emphasizing Regional Handicraft


The inner courtyard, which overlooks the manicured outside and is packed with tropical plants and perennial blossoms, is our favorite area of all.

Enclosed Courtyard With Stunning Views


Manoj Patel created a patch of green within a limited 2,200-square-foot plot in the shape of an enclosed courtyard.

Internal Courtyard Turned Private Garden


It is framed with a bright yellow Jaisalmer stone that connects all of the communal rooms on the ground level.

The Open-to-the-sky Courtyard That Has Been Artistically Framed


Freshness and an outdoor connection are provided by greenery such as golden bamboo, philodendron selloum, and spathiphyllum plants.

Enclosed Patio That Brings The Outdoors Inside


The interior courtyard of this Traanspace-designed Vadodara home is an essential architectural element that adds to the architecture’s climatic adaptability.

Climate-responsive Courtyard


Utilized a waste tree that had been uprooted during the monsoon, covered the skeleton with melamine and converted it into the apartment’s main point.

Eye-catching Sculptural Courtyard