The Top 10 Most Popular Travel Bloggers

The Top 10 Most Popular Travel Bloggers

There are 3 characteristics that define popular and famous blogs

Below we have compiled a list of completely different websites – we have European travel blogs, world-renowned platforms, luxury websites, American travel bloggers, and many more. Although the websites may differ, all famous and popular sites share three things:

  1. Attendance – traffic must be present during the project. Famous travel bloggers must lead their own niches, such as budget travel, where the volume varies.
  2. Recognition – The audience knows your project or brand very well.
  3. Confidence – In the authors’ opinions and trust in the accuracy of the information.

Projects cannot be judged solely on traffic. Bloggers can write about travel or a specific aspect of tourism, such as coupon codes or flight ticket sales. The projects in different niches can’t be judged in the same way; they compete within their own fields.

Here are the top 10 travel bloggers

In 2022, we curated the finest travel bloggers across various niches. The following list represents the most popular travel websites.

1. Nomad Revelations

The Nomadic Revelations series covers destinations on all six continents. They are very good about updating their content. Our bloggers cover a wide range of destinations across every continent, providing readers with all the travel information they need to plan their trip. The site is very popular since it provides detailed information and unique perspectives from travelers.  

2. Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond, which is one of the popular travel blogs, is run by a man named Mathew. It offers some truly a

A popular travel blog, Expert Vagabond, is run by a man named Mathew. He offers interesting posts on many different locations around the world. The adventures Mathew shares with those interested in such adventures, whether they’re swimming with bull sharks in Fiji or hitchhiking through America, are truly unique and inspiring.

The content on this travel blog is incredibly interesting and unique. In addition, it is one of the most popular travel blogs on the Internet. Mathew’s website is certainly worth checking out if you plan on becoming a travel blogger. It has some inspiring content presented in an interesting way.

3. The Poor Traveler

Bloggers on the Poor Traveler blog create the blog’s content. The blog on this topic is known for in-depth articles from people who travel to different parts of the world on a shoestring budget.

This blog will provide you with some helpful tips and advice on how to travel to some of the best destinations without spending too much money. There are a lot of posts about different spots around the world, so checking it out is definitely worthwhile.

4. BreatheDreamGo

One of today’s top female solo travel bloggers is this blogger. Mariellen, the owner of the blog, has traveled to many parts of the world and written about them. Bhutan, Canada, Costa Rica, India, England, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States are some of the destinations listed on her website.

On this travel blog, there is a fairly constant stream of new content. Most of the posts are quite informative. In light of the fact that you are searching for a travel blog that will provide you with extremely valuable and insightful information, you may find this one very useful.

5. Oneika the Traveller

The writer, media personality, journalist, and keynote speaker Oneika Raymond is a travel blogger. Over the course of her career, Oneika has traveled to 115 countries on six continents and isn’t stopping.

Through “Oneika the Traveller”, she aims to inspire women and people of color to experience the world. This blog offers travel tips, lifestyle advice, as well as insights into what it’s like to be a black female traveler.

6. Legal Nomads

A former lawyer, Jodi, is behind the Legal Nomads project. She quit her job to explore Siberia. Jodi writes about food, travel, health, and photography on her blog as well as shares stories about her travels. She has traveled to more than 40 different locations, including locations like Siberia and South Africa.

In addition to her article series, Jodi also writes a column called “Thrillable Hours,” in which she shares stories from attorneys who have ended their corporate careers and become nomads.

7. Bemused BackPacker

In addition to traveling extensively around the world, Mike Huxley has written in detail about each place he visited. The Bemused Backpacker aims to provide people with budget-friendly ways to explore the world.

If you’re looking for adventurous trips around the world without spending a ton of money, this blog can be a great resource for you. This blog can be very helpful for travelers who want to avoid contributing to animal cruelty while traveling.

8. Two Monkeys Travel Group

Sacha and Jonathan are seasoned writers and travel bloggers. Considering the fact that they have been traveling since 2013, it is not surprising. Travel blogs cover a number of locations throughout the world, offering great information for travelers looking to visit Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, or other countries.

9. Nomadic Matt

There are over 1,000,000 readers of Nomadic Matt’s travel blog who use the helpful advice of experienced travelers to plan their trips. Blog visitors can use the site to plan their trips as well as learn how to build a career in the travel industry.

The blog of New York Times bestselling author Matt sells his books. While traveling, he earns money by selling airline tickets, hotel rooms, travel insurance, and other services. There are many tips, ideas, and knowledge he has to offer visitors and website owners.

Matt uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest to promote his project.

10. Uncornered Market

Audrie Scott and Daniel Noll want to provide travelers with meaningful experiences and promote sustainable tourism. The duo also provides branding and destination development services.

The pair left for Prague with six suitcases and one-way tickets in 2001. After leaving Prague in 2006, they traveled around the world, sharing the stories of people they met. They do this today through their advisory, blog, and social media platforms, as well as their speaking engagements at conferences and events.