8 Simple Ways Of Improving Home Security

8 Simple Ways Of Improving Home Security

In America, a home is broken into every 15 seconds. The number of reports of larceny-theft in 2019 exceeded 5.08 million. There were also many car thefts and fires reported. In terms of home security, you can’t take any chances, yet almost half of survey respondents don’t have a system in place. The following are 8 ways you can upgrade your home security without spending an arm and a leg.

1) Conduct an audit of your home’s security system

Circumambulate your home’s exterior and constructed areas. Consider yourself a criminal. What steps would you take to break into your own home? Since 81% of all robberies begin at the first door, does the front door seem like an easy target? Does the back door have a proper lock, since 22% of burglars enter through the back door? What is the best location for installing cameras and motion detectors? Get an estimate of how much it would cost for the equipment you need.

2) Get a home security system

Cameras, storage, alarms, and management software are typical components in a modern home security system. A smart-home hub may be able to integrate programmable lights, video entry intercoms, and smart locks that are suitable for your needs and budget. Many home security systems are available for installation and use without a technician’s assistance. One of the best is Adobe iota, while another is SimpliSafe, Ring, Wyze, and Blue by ADT. For a recurring monthly fee, most of these companies provide professional monitoring. An installation of a home security system is usually between $200 and $600 upfront, and monitoring costs between $50 and $60 a month, which is not a lot to pay for complete peace of mind when it comes to security.

3) Purchase a video doorbell

According to Strategy Analytics, 21 million American households use video doorbells or about 16% of all U.S. households. A foolproof way to visually confirm the identity of the person at the door, and to record events such as calls and entries, is the simple gadget. Amazon Ring, Google Nest, DoorBird, Remo, Vivint, August, SkyBell, Remo, and SimpliSafe are some of the most popular video doorbell brands. When you are not at home, your smartphone receives the call via your doorbell’s WiFi connection.

4) Use an in-wall timer for your lights

Observing your lighting routine can alert potential intruders when you are not home. You can increase the security and convenience of your home with a smart light timer switch. A New York Times review cites TP-Link Kasa, Monoprice Stitch, GE Enbrighten, and Lutron Caseta as three of the leading in-wall timers. Smart-home hubs such as Google, Amazon, SmartThings, Ring, and others can be connected to these timers. You can operate them directly on your phone.

5) Use smart locks on your doors

To protect your home. Standard locks are easy to pick. Lock-picking websites can be found online. Metal keys, which can be duplicated or stolen by criminals, are less secure than smart locks. A smartphone can be used to open these locks from anywhere. Families, friends, and visiting guests can receive alerts on their phones when the door is unlocked with virtual keys. Using voice commands, you can even control them with your smart home assistant. Brands such as Schlage, Yale, August, Nest, and Danalock are among the best smart locks.

6) Secure your garage – don’t forget it

one of the most common types of property crimes in America is the theft of vehicle equipment. Furthermore, 9% of burglars gain entry through the garage door. Ensure your garage door is never left unlocked by installing an automatic garage door opener. Install a surveillance camera to thwart illegal entry into the garage.

7) Make it appear as though you have a dog – or fake it

Barking dogs deter burglars, according to a panel of former burglars. Typically, property criminals are just wanderers looking for an easy entry point to avoid arrest. It is possible to fool casual criminals into picking another property even if you don’t own a dog by posting a warning sign in a prominent location.

8) Install motion-activated flood lights outside

A light turning on or an alarm sounding is likely to cause a lot of thieves to abandon their larceny attempts. Switches with motion detectors can save lives. They can be linked to floodlights, alarms, even speakers playing dog barking sounds.

Wrapping Up

An act of property crime can cause you and your family a great deal of stress and insecurity, in addition to financial loss. In the United States, crime rates have dropped dramatically, over the last 20 years, despite people believing crime is on the rise. Increasing passive security is the best way to prevent thefts, burglaries, and other property crimes, and to turn your home into a safe and peaceful living quarter.

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