Five Ways to Fund Your Startup with Bitcoin

Five Ways to Fund Your Startup with Bitcoin

Getting capital to start a business depends on whether venture capitalists or angel investors buy into the concept that an entrepreneur is selling. Getting finance for your startup can be tricky if you don’t have a large nest egg or if your family is rich. In addition to the requirement of partial ownership or equity in the business you are proposing, venture capitalists can also reject your startup concepts outright. As a result, why not consider Bitcoin as a way to fund your startup?

Compared to its other benefits, Bitcoin fundraising is a relatively new idea. However, if you have no experience with crypto, funding your business with it can be challenging. A cryptocurrency startup can raise capital in a number of ways, one of which is to raise capital.

1) Raising funds with an ICO

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a method of crowdfunding that’s gaining popularity among startups that need funding. Similar to an IPO, this involves the sale of shares to the public. Unlike traditional IPOs, ICOs do not require the same level of vetting or restrictions as to their counterparts. ICOs are most successful when the project you plan to launch is well designed. The majority of 2017 and 2018 ICOs failed to raise any money at all, while 76% failed to meet their minimum funding goals. A thorough planning process can help you avoid this pitfall.

Either you or an expert can create the design structure for your ICO. Developing your idea for a fund-raising campaign and creating a white paper around it are the first steps. The white paper explains your project, your target fund, and facts that will convince your prospective investors. By this point, you must have decided on the blockchain upon which you will build your tokens. An ICO token is a utility token. While most projects use Ethereum blockchains, Binance Smart Chain is becoming popular as well.

2) IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

If you want to raise funds for your startup without tackling the giant task of seeking investors, partnering with an established crypto exchange makes sense. Initial exchange offerings are a way to raise funds by listing a token on an exchange. For startups, initial exchange offerings are more attractive than initial coin offerings because of the ease of access to an already established audience. On the other hand, ICOs offer entrepreneurs a greater level of anonymity, while IEOs lend credibility to their projects.

A startup looking for capital should use an ICO to find investors who are interested in the products or services you plan to sell. Startups need to register with centralized crypto exchanges to participate in IEOs. Entrepreneurs must also be willing to pay the exchange fees for the service it provides. A crypto exchange typically takes a percentage of each token it offers for sale.

Binance Launchpad has seen the success of IEOs like Bittorrent, Fetch, and Matic Network.

3) Launch an initial edition of Dex

With crypto assets, you can also raise funds by offering an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering. Instead of offering your token or coin on a centralized exchange or using an ICO, IDOs allows you to launch a new crypto asset through a decentralized exchange. Liquidity pools allow you to trade a pair of digital assets on a decentralized exchange. Unlike ICOs, IDOs are quick and easy ways to crowdfund startups.

For startups, the crypto exchanges manage IDO projects much like they do for IEO. IDOs, however, can be organized by themselves using the decentralized exchange’s support. Additionally, no fees are charged to IDOs. Small businesses that are seeking immediate funding might find IDOs to be the best option because of their liquidity.

4) Collateralize your Bitcoin with a loan

Bitcoin can be used as collateral for a crypto loan that can be converted to fiat currency if you already have it and need money for your business without selling it. Some Bitcoin investors would need cash to fund their business if they held on to their assets until a bull run. You can use Bitcoin as collateral to secure a loan from centralized exchanges, instead of selling your Bitcoin and regretting it later.

Crypto-lending is now being onboarded by reputable exchanges because it provides a way for both lenders and borrowers to make money. The same as borrowing from a bank to finance a startup, if you are using Bitcoin as collateral, you cannot trade it. In contrast to a bank loan, if you have an exchange wallet, you do not have to go through the verification and validation process. Get more information about crypto loans at BestBitcoinExchange.

5) Accepting Bitcoin as a payment method

goes beyond accepting credit cards from customers. When you accept varied and diverse payment methods, you can increase your customer base and expand your business. The use of Bitcoin for payment in your startup not only eliminates the use of credit cards as a payment method, but Bitcoin also provides a safe means of payment compared to traditional methods.

Secure and fast processing speed are the two main advantages of cryptocurrency payments. Payments made with cryptocurrency cannot be reversed because they are recorded on the Blockchain. It is possible to build a more robust and diverse client base for your business, but you might want to consider adding other ways of paying in order not to scare them away.

Wrapping Up

It is not necessary to raise funds through traditional means for your startup. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used to raise funds for new businesses or to expand existing ones.